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Industrial salt is a basic chemical raw material to be treated with caution

The in dustrial salt,one of the most basic raw materials of the chemical industry,which is called the "mother of the chemical industry," has a wide range of industrial uses.Mainly used industrial salt as the raw material for production of hydrochloric acid,caustic soda,soda ash,ammonium chloride,chlorine and other basic chemical industrial products.In addition to the large amount of industrial salt needed in the organic synthesis industry,industrial salt also has important contributions in some construction industries,daily chemical industry,petrochemical industry,food additive industry and other industries.

In the era of industrialization,salt is not known as an industrial salt in modern chemical science,so salt is also divided into edible salt and inedible industrial salt.Only after correct understanding of this point can it be guaranteed that The poisoning of groups caused by eating poisonous salts may cause group poisoning.Although both salt and industrial salt are composed of sodium chloride,the two salts have a distinction between refined and unrefined.Once ingested,the consequences are unimaginable.Therefore,it is imperative to use industrial salt correctly and let it play its greatest role in the industry.

Industrial salt classification and food standards must not be confused,industrial salt is not a normative name,do not confuse salt and nitrite,to treat all things in the right attitude,including industrial salt.