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Development and Trend of Flame Retardant in 2018

IIn the future,the global market for environmental protection flame retardants will continue to shift to halogen-free flame retardants.This is due to the increasingly strict environmental protection and safety regulations of environmental protection and flame retardants of various countries.At the same time,some image-oriented consumer products companies are actively seeking safety and environmental protection.Environmental protection flame retardant alternative products.With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection,the environmental protection requirements for flame retardant products have become increasingly stringent.

So what are the flame retardants?The flame retardant is mainly to add an element having essential flame retardance as a simple substance or a compound to a flame-retardant substrate,to be fully mixed with a polymer in a physically dispersed state,and to undergo a chemical or physical change in a gas phase or a condensed phase.Plays a flame retardant effect.

1.Antimony trioxide: It is an additive flame retardant,often used in combination with other flame retardants and smoke eliminators.Synergistic effects can be produced between the components.In the early stage of combustion,the antimony trioxide is first melted,forms a protective film on the surface of the material to block the air,and reduces the combustion temperature through an internal endothermic reaction.At high temperatures,the antimony trioxide is vaporized,diluting the concentration of oxygen in the air,thereby playing a role in flame retardancy.

2.Aluminium hydroxide: Aluminium hydroxide is the most sold flame retardant for hydroxides and is mainly used for processing elastomers,thermosetting resins and thermoplastics at temperatures below 200°C.Aluminium hydroxide flame-retardant plastics are less prominent in the flame,which is a prominent advantage.

3.Magnesium hydroxide: Magnesium hydroxide is a kind of flame retardant with better thermal stability.It is stable at over 300°C.It is widely used in many artificial rubbers,resins,engineering plastics and other resins under high temperature processing.In the polymer system to play a role in flame retardant,smoke.Combined with ATH,they complement each other and their flame retardant effect is better than that used alone.