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What is the difference between industrial salt and iodized salt

1.True salt is generally processed by mechanized subpackages.On the packaging seal of real salt,there will be obvious linear twirl,so that we can identify,fake salt is generally used for manual processing,and the tactile lines of the sealing line are generally presented.Granular.We can touch it with our hand when buying.The edges of the salt seal line are collectively referred to as wavy,while the industrial salt bags are cut normally.The edge of the seal line is generally smooth.We can make the difference from the packaging.

2,12 color anti-counterfeit bar code above the security label,we can use the magnifying glass to observe,and the anti-counterfeiting code tag will generally contain a lot of information,the square label corners sleek,there is a sharp corner of the other small square,The two corners on the left read "China" and "Salt Industry," and the right two corners contain "Xiang" and "Salt." There will be a square center with an "iodine" inside.Some citizens may be more attentive,as long as they slightly change direction,you can see a small rectangle in the center of a square,in which there will be a small person with both hands raised,you can see the word iodized salt on the top.At the same time,the label is generally mechanized and compounded in the sandwich of the packaging bag.The placement is more correct and industrial salt is not properly applied.

3.There are 12 color anti-counterfeiting barcodes on the bottom left side of the edible salt packaging.The width and interval of the 12 color strips on the real salt barcode are evenly distributed,the upper and lower edges are neat,and the width and interval of the false color stripe are unevenly distributed.Not neat.Do not think that this 12-color bar code is very easy to print.True-salt 12-color bar code printing equipment is expensive,and as a one-time printing,industrial salt people can not afford this cost.They use two printing methods.It often causes uneven distribution of color bars.